“From grand landscapes and cityscapes to creatures great and small, each impresses upon my eye a sense of great wonder. As I travel this planet, I aim to immortalize more than the visual, infusing also a sense of love, peace, discomfort or urgency, aroma, sound, the sun’s warmth or a winter chill. My greatest joy is witnessing the enormity of this incredible world – even in the smallest of expressions or subjects.”

Fascinated by fine art photography since her first college class in the late 80s, Kim has not put her camera down since. A strong desire to take every piece of the world home with her has led Kim to photograph the wild grizzlies of Alaska, teeming wildlife in the Galapagos Islands, sunset on San Diego’s reflective skyline, Manhattan’s glittering city lights, abandoned places off the beaten path, and a beautiful commitment of love exclaimed in the desert at Burning Man. Of all these things, Kim finds nothing more magical than witnessing love shared between people and capturing life’s sweetest events.



The Arts Center of the Capital Region. 265 River Street, Troy, NY 12180. (518) 273-0552

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