In addition to the classes and workshops listed below The Arts Center offers opportunity for the business community to innovate and problem solve with group classes.

The Creative Leadership Team

Develop the creative skills, habits, and attitudes that will give your leadership team and company a competitive edge. Creative thinking – the process of having original ideas that have value – is a critical component of any successful business.  It is essential that the leadership team understand, model, and implement the skills, habits, attitudes, and conditions that foster creativity and give your company the competitive edge it needs. This workshop will introduce your team to the benefits of being more creative, innovative, collaborative, and passionate.

Pricing: The Creative Leadership Team workshop includes a four hour session for two to twelve attendees at $55 per person. *This workshop is fully customizable. Modifications to the size, duration and material covered can be tailored to your needs, goals and type of organization. Pricing for customization will be determined by the instructor.
Dates/Location: Scheduling for this workshop is coordinated through the instructor and will conform to your companies availability. Host the workshop at your location, The Arts Center of the Capital Region or a third party location.
Instructor/Contact: Chris Marblo, Arts Center President: or 518.273.0552 x228.



  • Nuts + Bolts: Business Models for Artists

    What is a business model? How does it relate to sustainability? Does it have to be a business plan and what might that look like? What is the value of a business model?...

    June 28, 2017 — 06:30 PM to 08:00 PM

    Instructor: TBD

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