ira chalkboard portraitIra Marcks is a teacher and storyteller. He hosts workshops on cartooning, comics, design and animation for students of all ages and abilities.

As an art educator he has over ten years experience in a variety of environments including public and private school art rooms, adapted education institutions, art enrichment workshops and creative arts therapy programs for the developmentally disabled. He is currently working in collaboration with art centers and educational institutions throughout New York’s Capital Region to develop workshops with a focus on thoughtful design using comics, animation and graphic arts. In the spring of 2012 Ira presented some of his work on integrating art and mathematics into classroom curriculum at the National Art Education Convention in New York City.

As a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, his work has appeared in various national publications and comic anthologies. For a time he was a regular contributor to Eisner Award Winning sci-fi/fantasy magazine, Weird Tales. His new graphic novel, Witch Knots, explores the relationship between anthropology, mythology and the interchangeable nature of good and evil. And cats.

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