Exploratorium: Creative Thinking Camp

July 21, 2014 to July 25, 2014 — 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Instructor: Ismet Mamnoon Member:235 | Non-Member:250 | Materials Fee: 50. Enrollment Max: 20

This Creativity Camp is designed to boost creativity – whether students are interested in science, the arts, or even sports! Campers will participate in a series of fun, active and brain-bending activities that will allow them to discover in what ways they are creative, how to be more creative, and why it’s great to be creative! Toward the end of the week, each camper will have the opportunity to choose a final project to showcase their unique creative talents. Campers will be guided in applying creative thinking techniques as they develop their ideas (for a new game or sport, a piece of art, an invention, almost anything!) and turn it into something concrete.

Some of the activities for the week are described below. We encourage all campers to try a variety of activites, because that encourages new ideas. Campers can focus on their favorite areas as the week progresses. Also, depending on group size and interest, activities may be tweaked.

• Junk Inventions – Campers will use recyclables to build prototypes designed to overcome a specific challenge. Campers will be guided as they plan it, build it, test it and improve it.
• Creative-Strengths Obstacle Course – Campers will design an obstacle course based on their creative strengths (Hint, the obstacles don’t have to by physical). Campers will try out all the courses, than seek ways to combine them and modify them for a really unique challenge!
• Innovative Arts Studio – Campers will apply what they know about the real meaning of creativity to create unique works of art, writing or music. Campers will see what happens when they work collaboratively with other campers with different talents.
• Digital Scavenger Hunt – Campers will use technology, online resources and non-linear thinking techniques to answer a ridiculous question, learning how to follow their curiosity to achieve amazing conclusions. Campers can then design their own inquiries to challenge their friends. In this unique camp you’ll get creative in ways you never imagined, thinking beyond the box and taking part in activities that develop the essential life skills of creative thinking and problem solving with lead teachers Ismet Mamnoon and Pamela Szalay. Creative Thinking is recognized as a core 21st century skill, and is an attribute needed to face the diverse challenges of the future. In this camp, taught by graduates of the International Center for Studies in Creativity, and compiling more than 50 years of research, you’ll have a unique opportunity to learn and develop your creative skills.