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Exhibitions are free and open to the public, and are sponsored by YTK Photography, Karen + Chet Opalka, and the Marcelle Foundation.

All receptions coincide with Troy Night Out, the last Friday of the month, unless otherwise noted. Receptions are sponsored by B-rad’s Bistro & Catering.



Inside Breathing Lights
September 17-October 16, 2016, First Floor Galleries
Public Reception: Friday, September 30, 5-9PM

Join us for a behind the scenes look at one of the region’s most ambitious public art projects ever, Breathing Lights, which will illuminate hundreds of vacant homes in Albany, Schenectady and Troy in fall 2016. Learn about the technology and concepts behind the lighting effect, how the project was sited and documented, and how it connects with neighborhoods across the region.

This October and November, Breathing Lights will illuminate the windows of hundreds of vacant buildings in Albany, Schenectady and Troy. Warm light will fill each window with a diffuse glow that mimics the gentle rhythm of human breathing. Concentrated in neighborhoods with high levels of vacancy, Breathing Lights will transform abandoned structures from pockets of shadows into places of warmth. The Arts Center’s vacant upper floor windows will also be illuminated as part of the project.

Interiors Recalled | Madison LaVallee, Artist in Residence Summer 2016
September 10-October 16, 2016, Faculty Student Gallery
Artist’s Reception: Friday, September 30, 5-9PM

Interiors Recalled
is a new project based on Capital District residents’ memories of domestic spaces they no longer inhabit. Through interviews, participants described the material and objects that existed in the space. Questions such as “what material were the walls?” were asked, and if the reply was “wallpaper”, follow-up questions invited them to describe the specific imagery, patterning, and/or texture of the paper.

Upon completion of the interviews, participants’ memories of objects, textures, and imagery from the space are translated into sculptures and installations in the form of “material composites”. Each piece is titled after the year the spatial memory was from and the location, such as, Bellevue, Schenectady 1974, keeping the participants name, gender, age, etc. anonymous. This project focuses on domestic architecture, materiality, the memory of a lived space, and the translation from a verbal description to sculpture/installation.

Screenprint Biennial
October 28-December 23, 2016, Main Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday, October 28, 5-9PM

The East Coast Screenprint Biennial is an art exhibition that showcases a range of screenprint-based art applications, from framed, editioned prints, to installation, sculpture, video, ephemera, and posters. This juried exhibition will showcase artists from around the country who utilize adventurous, relevant and passionate takes on the screenprinted medium. The Screenprint Biennial is the curatorial project of Nathan Meltz, printmaker and lecturer in the Art Department of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

Under the Sea to the Kitchen Sink | Center for Disability Services
October 28-December 23, 2016, Foyer Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday, October 28, 5-9PM

Under the Sea to the Kitchen Sink is an eclectic combination of artworks showcasing materials and subject matter that are found all around us, if we just look hard enough. Works by individuals of varying ages and abilities, from preschool to senior citizen, were selected by the Arts Center’s Director of Exhibits, Sara Boylen, and Instructor Madison LaVallee, from the Center for Disability Services’ annual exhibition on S. Manning Blvd. The audience will find useable items made from clay and textiles as well as depictions of favorite memories and pretty much everything else from “Under the Sea” to the “Kitchen Sink”.