GodboutPrint1I am a local fine arts graduate from Sage of Albany, originally from Ballston Lake, NY. I have been working as a local artist for the past 5 years. My primary mediums include block printing and acrylic painting. All left over materials and scraps recycle towards crafts like earrings, magnets, and other projects. If I were to umbrella my work in a few words it would be: “I design illustrative hard black lines, with patterns and color of things that reflect me in some form.”

I have been teaching relief linocut block printmaking for going on 3 years at The Arts Center of the Capital Region. With block printing like most of the work I do, the process is usually more enjoyable than the final product. There is nothing more rewarding than a solid day of drawing, tracing, carving, inking, and printing with multiple products to show for it. There are two things I decide before starting to design a print, do I want this to be a solid design in black and white, or do I want to design something simple that can stand on its own against a busy patterned background. The results are two very different kinds of imagery, both of which I love very much.