Burlesque II

April 14, 2014 to May 19, 2014 — 07:30 PM to 08:30 PM
Instructor: Noelle Reigns Member:66 | Non-Member:72 Enrollment Max: 15

This is a continuing class for students who have taken Introduction to Burlesque or who have prior experience. Burlesque offers women of all ages, shapes and sizes the opportunity to experience a sensual performance tradition that deftly combines allure with satire and humor. In Burlesque II, students will concentrate on big and bold vs. small and subtle stage work. Instruction for beginning striptease (men’s shirt, gloves and/or stockings) will also be taught, as well as techniques for a chair routine. Channel the history of magnetic, powerful women, and become part of that history yourself! For the full experience, please bring high-heeled shoes.