Monday, Aug 4, 2014
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Introduction to SoulCollage®

August 4, 2014 — 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM Instructor: Carol Coogan

Are you attracted to images? Do you have magazines you have collected and you don’t know what to do with them? Would you like to access your own inner wisdom? Are you interested in using creative expression for personal development? If you say “Yes!” to any of these questions, you will probably enjoy and benefit from this workshop. SoulCollage® is an insightful tool that works directly with the language of symbols, images and archetypes to help you explore, investigate, uncover and reflect upon the many aspects of yourself that are uniquely YOU. The process involves choosing images that you are drawn to, or which resonate with you, then cutting, tearing and gluing them together to create collaged cards. Each card focuses on one aspect of yourself that you may want to acknowledge, honor, or investigate further. We will go over writing prompts and some other ways you can use the cards you make. Anyone can enjoy this process. A materials fee of $
15.00 will be required for initial card making. If you have a journal you like to write in, please bring to class. Additional materials available for sale. You can learn more about SoulCollage® at www.soulcollage.com and www.kaleidosoul.com.

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2014
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Synergy, Structure and Design

August 12, 2014 to August 26, 2014 — 06:30 PM to 09:30 PM Instructor: Kurt Przybilla

This hands-on workshop will introduce and explore principles of synergy, structure and design. This course will take participants on a guided tour of the synergetic patterns, shapes and symmetries found throughout nature and explore how they form the foundations of structure from the atomic to the architectural to the galactic scale. Through a variety of hands-on building explorations participants will become familiar with fundamental principles of structure in design and architecture. This wide ranging course will provide many insights into structure and the synergetic nature of our universe, and is a perfect follow-up course for Geometry in Art, Nature and Architecture, using the principles learned to take students into the three dimensional.